An avid filmmaker for the past decade, Jason was the creator and director behind the worldwide number one documentary, Back in Time. With a masters degree in sports business, Jason has been heavily involved in telling the stories outside the lines for much of his career. He has interviewed and worked alongside personalities from all corners of the industry—star athletes, team owners, pundits, analysts, and more. In addition to this heavy focus on documentary filmmaking, Jason has an extensive background in directing live events video coverage for a wide range of companies including Showtime, Ray-ban, Truvia, New York University and many more. His camera skills also find him in the skies, filming aerial cinematography for major motion pictures and television. He is currently in directing a documentary examining the travel hobby titled On Board.

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From Jason…

The story of how I became a filmmaker is obvious and roundabout at the same time. It starts with me as a young boy, realizing that I loved the cinema. It continues with me spending hours “playing” various roles in my own productions. Then it sees me grow up and drift away from my childhood dreams.

That could have been the end of the story, of course. But instead it was just a lull in the action.

I went through my undergraduate years at Rutgers looking, like a lot of young people, for the ideal place for myself in the wide world. And again, like a lot of young people, I discovered that much of life isn’t found inside your university, but out in the world it prepares you to explore. It was because of this realization—and because of my love of sports and interest in the marketing and business applications of filmmaking—that I earned my master’s from NYU in 2010.

It took me some time to understand that it wasn’t idle childhood fantasy to want to be a filmmaker. But the knowledge that being a cineaste wasn’t just a hobby; that it could be my real profession transformed my life.

My career as a filmmaker has been amazing, and brought me the kind of joy that little boy imagined. I’ve worked across the world with top-ranked educational institutions, sports greats, and fortune 100 companies. My work has been written up in national publications, been featured on network and cable television, and has generated millions of views from around the globe.

Starting in the sports world, I’ve been privileged to shoot with personalities and experts such as franchise owners Jerry Reinsdorf (CHI Bulls/Sox) and Fred Wilpon (NY Mets); general manager Mike Rizzo (WA Nationals); sports law scholar Arthur R. Miller (NYU School of Law); commissioners David Stern (RET NBA), Rob Manfred (MLB); media personalities Mike Francesca (WFAN) and Bob Costas (NBC); and current and former athletes Justin Tuck (RET NY Giants), Kiki Vandeweghe (RET NBA), Mark Messier (RET HOF NHL), Harry Carson (RET NY Giants HOF), Earl Monroe (RET NY Knicks), Teresa Weatherspoon (RET NY Liberty).

Beginning in 2013 I raised almost $200,000 for the production of a documentary film project of my own entitled Back in Time. This film, released in the fall of 2015, examines the Back to the Future franchise and its cultural relevance from the perspective of the DeLorean time machine. It features BTTF cast, crew, and enthusiasts such as executive producer Steven Spielberg, director Robert Zemeckis and cast members like Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The film can be seen here – Back in Time on Vimeo on Demand

What I do

In my day to day work as a filmmaker, I have been fortunate enough to have a variety of roles in various productions working with amazing teams.

Director at Malka Media Group

Malka Media Group is a full service production and marketing firm based in NYC. With Malka I have been privileged to be on teams shooting for corporate clients like Johnson & Johnson, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Showtime Sports and more. We have produced music videos for a variety of artists and create original content daily. I lead the livestream team and have been tasked with the production of major sporting events including the 2017 fight of the year between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

Freelance Filmmaker & Director

For signature projects, you can easily contact me to ask questions about hiring me to work on your film. I own and have access to a complete collection of audio, video, and lighting equipment, and can enlist the
aid of talented, qualified crew for special need videos and films.

Aerial Cinematographer

Working both freelance and a camera operator for Aerobo, I have had the opportunity to fly drones and operate cameras on major film and television sets including upcoming projects with Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Samuel L Jackson, and many more.

Founder & Co-Owner at Expressions Cinema

In one of my early entries into film, together with Brian Berkowitz, I founded this life events company which differentiates itself from the pack by virtue of the cinematic vision we impart on all of our clients’ films. A great deal of my work here centers on putting together the perfect Hollywood style edit from extensive raw footage of various life events.